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THE TRANNY PIMP by tvkristina

When I step into the room all My whores rush with excitement and fear!!!

I'm The Tranny Pimp and I expect My bitches to be good little sextoys for Me...sacrificing their manhood to become My nasty pimped out pussyboys.

I've worked hard to select the right sluts...only the most dedicated dicksuckers will make it...I wont allow anything less than total life surrender...there is no room for hesitation or dignity when you are working as a cocksucking whore for Me.

When I decide to take a man and retrain him as an object to be sexualized and sold, I'm sure to select a sissy that not only has good "pleasuring skills", but is also a bitch that can be manipulated and molded to suffer severe abuse...and still maintain their adoration and total worship of Me.

So when I first met "marcus" for a session of foot worship, I never knew that I would have him sucking cocks at My gloryhole fulltime within just a few months!

I cant quite remember what signs he showed that lead Me to believe he would be a good candidate to work as a whore for Me...or if there was any sign at all.

Perhaps I just wanted to take him over and cut him off from his whole world, so he would only have Me and be dependent upon Me for survival...whatever the case, after a few intense meetings of pushing his submissive limits, I decided that I would transform him into a bitch to earn money for the Tranny Pimp.

I already had several sluts working for Me...meeting men in bookstores, posting ads on craigslist or going to hotels to service businessmen that need blowjobs...My punks find dick to suck everywhere they go, and bring back the cash to their Owner and Controller.

The system is might slip a twenty through the gloryhole before one of My suckers gobbled all jizz...or he may pitch a quarter at the the end, I expect a certain amount of cash for every cock sucked.

Don't make your quota?

Well you better reach into your wife's purse or borrow from a family friend...because there will be problems if I don't get My money!

There's a reason I carry this beat your ass down when you don't do what a good whore is made to do...use his sexual addiction and perversion to pleasure and pamper a gorgeous Goddess like Myself.

And "marcus" learned very quickly that living a life of sucking cock, eating cum, being fucked and humiliated by Me, is the hottest sexlife he would ever have...absorbing the abuse like a sponge, because he knows its only to better Myself and find decadent pleasure in his torment.

As My whore, he lives to make My shecock hard...even if it means sucking strangers for cash!!!

Men often wonder what it is that keeps these bitches bound to Me.

They wonder how these previously "straight" men have been turned into faggots that work the street for cash, just to hand it over to Me for clothes and jewelry...they toil away on their knees, getting covered with the scent of sperm and asshole, so that I can soak in the splender of a spaday.

Its simple...power!!!

Every good Pimp knows how to intimate and stimulate his workers.

So when I started to train "marcus" for whoring, I was sure to pull him into My web before going in for the kill.

After weeks of sweetly whispering ideas of erotic fantasies in his ear while he sucked My cock, I soon had him begging to make My desires come true.

"Please Mistress, let Me show you how much you own me, let me fulfill this fantasy of sucking cock for cash for You".

I giggled in My head...a fantasy...hahaha...if only he knew of the degraded cunts on their knees right now swallowing spunk for Me, he would run away and never turn back.

But I keep that secret to Myself...he’ll learn in time of his "co-workers" and how I manipulated him into thinking it was all his idea...setting him up for a new reality, where he becomes a piece of property to be sold for Kristina.

"It would be so hot if one of My studboys came over and fucked your face", I told him softly, "but before you suck, he puts a pile of money in My hand".

"Oh Mistress", he squirms from the visuals racing in his mind.

"Imagine Me counting out the cash, as I hear you slobber your way down to his balls", I pause for a moment before I set in with the key phrase to manipulate him more, "showing him how good of a cockwhore I've made you".

By this point "marcus" was flooded with visions of debauchery...all from a few seductive whispers in his ear...just a small suggestion of how erotic that experience could be, and he's already developed a new fantasy.

Weeks went by with such discussions...getting his further aroused by ideas of pimping him out to My studs and their friends...and "marcus" grew more and more hungry to make My fantasies a reality.

I received a passionate email from him one evening...begging to take this next step and be permitted to suck cock for cash!

As I was reading the email, I could hear My cumrag "pantyqueen" gagging one a raging rod through the gloryhole.

Crawling to Me with the cash, as the fresh cum drips from his open mouth, "Please my Pimptress, take the money from this loley faggot".

I let him stand there dripping, as I typed back My reply to "marcus"...OMG, I cant believe I'll actually get to see a man humiliate himself for Me like that, it will bring us so close together, closer than I've been to any other slave before. I'll try to find someone that will want a blowjob and set the whole thing up, you just need to come willing to submit, no matter what.

That weekend, our special date was set...and "marcus" had no idea what was about to happen...even though he thought he'd be sucking cock for cash, he could never have seen just how sexually diabolical I can be when I want something.

My houseboy "brian" led him into My playroom.

Dark and spotlight shined on the red wall.

He was told to strip and kneel in the darkness. heels articulating each step closer.

He quivers and gasps slightly as I stand in the light.

My gorgeous body shiny and accentuated in gold...I stand confident and intimidating...I am about to unleash the next stage of his submission as My whore...the physical domination.

I've already worked My way deep into his its time to show him My power of his body...and that I will handle My property any way that I see fit.

I let the chilling silence linger before I began.

Each second resulted in heavier breathing and heightened anticipation of My words.

"Now you listen here cockwhore...from this point on, I am your Pimp", I looked into his eyes with authority, "SAY IT", I commended.

"You are my Pimp Mistress", he mumbled weakly.

My nipples instantly became hard from his pathetic surrender and I continued, "As your Pimp I expect you to make money for Me by sucking cock and making men cum any way you can...regardless of how many dicks you serve, I expect five hundred dollars a week from you".

He looked at Me confused, "I don't understand Mistress, how many cocks does that mean I must suck?".

I broke out in laughter, "I don't care if you suck one or one thousand, if I don't have that cash in My hand bitch, I will beat your ass".

He began to mutter something, but I could tell it was in the vain of trying to suggest he would not be able to uphold this rule, so I quickly cut him off with a slap to the face.

"I said, you better have My money matter what you have to do to get it...or I will show you what happens when a pussyboy disobeys My orders".

"But Mistress", he moaned.

Again I stopped him short, this time with a quick kick to the balls.

Then another right away.

Then another.

"Did you say something faggot", I said mockingly.

A simple shake of his head confirmed that he knew to keep his mouth closed.

"Good trick! I was saying...I expect you to suck any cock you can for Me, working every day to ensure that I can be taken care of...lining up with the other pussyboys to put that money in My hand".

He was suddenly confused, "Other pussyboys Mistress?"

Once again I burst into hysterical laughter at his naive understanding of what I had set him up for.

"Yes bitch, the OTHER sluts! I know that I told you this was My fantasy and only you could make it come true for Me, but actually I have six other suckwhores that go out and sell their skills to make Me money...and now you're gonna work for the Tranny Pimp too"!!!

Suddenly the concept that this wasn't a fantasy was kicking in, as "marcus" scrambled his brain to understand what all this meant.

I stepped closed and softly touched his face, though he flinched in fear as I moved My hand closer…which is exactly what I wanted to see.

I stroked his cheek and bent down to whisper in his ear, just how I had all those nights he knelt between My legs sucking My shecock.

"Don't you want to make Me happy? Don't you love Me", I asked...knowing he would not be able to withhold his passionate adoration for Me.

His lips puckered and his eyes lit up with lust, "Oh yes Mistress, I love you more than anything, I worship you."

"Than do this with Me...become My pussyboy...kneel with My other sluts in devotion...make Me hard when I see you humiliated as a hooker whore".

I could tell he was reluctant, but needing to please Me.

I continued to whisper in his ear, "Imagine the pride of giving to Me, placing the money in My hand and seeing the look in My eyes of triumph, because I know what you did to make that sucked cock".

"Yes", he gasped.

Standing back up tall, "That's right".

I slid My jacket off and let him ogle My nearly naked body…allowing his sissy clit to get stiff and drippy...only because I knew it would help him suck better.

A knock at the door, and his head quickly turns in shock.

"Stay right there pussyboy".

I walked into the darkness and suddenly "marcus" could hear the voices of other men.

I led them over the edge of the light, just enough hat he could see them unbuckle their pants...allowing their hard cocks to bounce out.

He looked at Me and asked shyly, "I have to suck them Mistress?"

"Yes whore...but first you have to get My money faggot", pointing to the men standing off in the darkness, "ask them bitch, ask them for My money".

Crawling toward the men's bobbling hard cocks, he asked with a panicked whimpering voice, "Please Sirs, may this faggot suck your cock for cash for My Pimptress".

We all laughed at him, but he just repeated himself in shame.

The guys reached into the pockets of their sagging pants and pulled out a few bills, tossing them at the floor around him...and "marcus" scurried to pick up each one.

Reaching out his hand to offer them to Me, I reject the offering.

"Not yet put those bills in your panties...pressed up against you clitty as you suck".

He slid the money inside his pink thong panties that I instructed him to start wearing every day, and his neck arched up to engulf the first cockhead.

Having been trained to orally pleasure Me, like all My whores, he was a talented dicklicker and deepthroater...he went to work coating the massive enlarged knob with his spit and using his hands to stroke dribbling suckjuice all over the shaft.

Sucking it deeper and deeper, his tongue pulled every inch inside...and his hips began to wiggle...soon his hand moved toward his oozing bitchclit...but I reached out with My cane to slap his hand away.

"Don't fucking touch it while you're working pussyboy".

He put his hand behind his back in submission and continued to suck harder and wetter...I could hear My sucker slogan being mumbled...WETTER IS BETTER...WETTER IS he choked and gagged on the manmeat.

"I'm gonna cum", the first stud moaned.

I saw "marcus" pull back off the cock and moved right in to push his mouth back onto the head.

"Eat it cunt...swallow every fucking drop you dirty it for your Pimptress".

He made sloppy gobbling noises as his mouth was flooded with hot cum and the stud continued to pump his throat.

When I grabbed a fist-full of his hair and pulled him back off the drained dick, he only got a few gasps of air before I pushed the next one into his suckhole.

Without pause, he worked that second cock over just as hard...knowing this time that his goal was to milk out that heavy studload into his pussyboy mouth...and it wasn't long until he got it, gushing so hard it squirt out the sides of his lips and splashed down onto his panties.

The stud pushed him away this time and "marcus" remained kneeling, covered in cum.

I walked over to him slowly.

He reached out to hug My leg for stability...but I used My cane to push him away.

"Don't touch Me you cumdump".

I pointed My cane at his panties and smiled, "Where's My money bitch".

He reached into his panties and pulled out the precum soaked bills.

I took each one from his hand and wiped it on his face and in his hair, before slipping them into My bikini top.

He sat there looking used and coated with I couldn't resist pulling out My shecock and stroking out My load all over his cockwhore face.

I could see "marcus" was excited to have become My property and eager to taste My sweet nectar!

Watching him be totally dominated, I couldn't hold back any longer...and I shot My load all over his face...wiping the leaking head on his hungry tongue...and I knew that he would do well in his new life working for The Tranny Pimp!!!