EROTIC FICTION: TRANSBRIDE TAKEOVER- tranny Princess takes over her new husband


Kristina had kept him on the edge of orgasm for months since their engagement...promising a release on their wedding day!!!

Ever since they met, she had been cockteasing him and controlling his sex with the sweetest demands and the most alluring punishments...keeping him on a constant cycle of building the load of cum in his balls, to the point he was begging Kristina for permission to release...all the time, he was so naive as to her plans, so unaware that he was being led down a road to domination.

Their relationship was a wonderful whirlwind from the very start...with flirtatious dates that quickly turned into nights alone in his apartment...their two bodies pressed against each other for hours on end, touching and kissing...the feeling of her throbbing shecock pressing beneath her skirt, as she pulled up her tank top, allowing him to suck on her small perky breasts...his hands exploring her body over the clothes, until both hands would slide down her backside and into her panties, with his pointer fingers pressed against her puckerhole and sliding down over the smooth taint and then massaging her soft balls.

Kristina would allow such indulgences only for a brief moment before she pulled away in shyness.

"Please Baby", he would beg.

"No...I'm not ready yet...I want to be sure", she would protest.

He would simply resign his desires, "Yes Baby", he would say weakly submitting to her commands.

"But smell your fingers", she would say in a sweet sexual enjoyment.

That was always the case with Kristina...she would cocktease him right to the edge and then pull away.

However, instead of being a total prude like most girls, she always seemed to be working toward sex...the way she looked at him, bright eyes and big grin, ensured that he would soon be raging hard and Kristina would be pushing him away with a smile...only to pull him closer a few minutes later to set his engines racing once again.

And she kept his world filled with sexual servitude to guarantee that he was always horny!

Having her girlfriends drop by and ordering him to serve them tea in a pair of away the keys to his chastity cage for a week to another Mistress while she went away on vacation...throwing massage parties, where all her galpals could sit back and experience the massaging hands of her well trained lover.

Kristina made his entire life revolve around sex...and yet he was denied what he wanted so badly.

It wasn't until the drive home after their engagement party that they had the conversation about consummation.

"Baby, I know that we've agreed to live a non-conformist lifestyle, and I was fully aware that when we met you were all about sensual domination", he took a deep nervous gulp before continuing, "but I really hope that on our wedding night I can finally show you how much I love you".

Kristina leaned against his arm and slid her hand onto the inside of his right thigh, "What do you mean?"

His mouth became dry and he struggled to speak, "I want to fuck you so bad Baby".

"That's hot", Kristina said in her usual fashion...which always let him know she was getting hard.

He also put his hand on her thigh, "Please Baby...can we finally fuck in our marriage bed?"

Taking a moment before answering, Kristina pushed even closer to him, kissing his cheek and rubbing his cock.

"Oh, don't worry...we're definitely going to be fucking on our wedding night, I promise", she said lovingly.

And as if everything was set-up just to cocktease him even more, the entire ceremony was all about sex!!!