EROTIC FICTION: COCKCONTROL CLINIC- tran Mistress controls your cock in her special doctor's office


Over the past few months you've been stroking your cock uncontrollably.

Hours turn into days and still you can't fight the need to masturbate.

It consumes your every thought and you seem to be surrounded by temptation.

No matter how hard you try, you just can't break this dickpumping desperation.

In a last attempt at controlling your masturbation addiction, you've booked an office visit to one of the top sexual physicians in New York City, hoping that with serious analysis and therapy you might be able to stop this stroking obsession.

Your hands were shaking in the cab ride to the Doctor's office, but soon you were distracted from your anxiety by a hot blonde in the crosswalk...her tiny jean-cut-off shorts were so revealing that her plump round ass was peeking out of the bottom.

Instantly your cock was hard and that slutty stroke feeling was rushing through you.

That's the feeling where your entire body is overcome with all your sexual lusts...images flash inside your mind of all the naughty things you want to do with that blonde girl's tight round ass...your pulse races with the possibility that you might jerk off thinking about her and shoot a huge creamy load of cum.

But before you can go any further with your fantasy, the taxi arrives at the office!

You are now standing outside the door of your new sexual therapist with a raging hard-on...unable to reverse the stimulation process, even the idea of being erect at this most inappropriate moment makes you even harder.

Looking at the name on the door, "Kristina Justice, Ph.D- fuck it had to be a woman."

A twitch pulsed through your cock and you knew something drastic had to be you resolved to make a quick detour to the Barnes and Noble bathroom to stroke out a load, in hopes that your stiffy might settle before your meeting.

But just as you were about to turn, the door opened and a petite redhead was smiling sweetly in a tight white nurse uniform, "Are you here for your appointment?"

Unable to speak, your eyes struggled not to look away from her cute face and run down her curvy body, but you were too weak in your already-erect state, so you stood silent, but breathing heavy, as you ogled her perky breast and round bottom...letting your eyes molest themselves all the way down her legs to her white heels.

With a giggle in her voice she spoke, "Yes, I see you're one of ours...come inside, the Doctor has been expecting you."

Watching her ass sway hypnotically, you had no other choice but to follow her inside...being lead by your raging hard cock, toward an erotic intensity that you had never felt before and which will surely change your life forever...and yet you have no idea what is about to come, nothing of what is about to be done with your masturbation addiction.

Crisp white.
The room and the chairs.
Her clinging cotton uniform.
The building load of cum in your balls.

Reaching out her hand, "I'm Debbie, the Physicians Assistant."

Shaking her hand and nervously speaking your first words, "Hello."

She hands you a white clipboard and pen to fill out the proper medical forms.

Taking a seat on the firm white leather sofa, you struggle to focus and complete the paperwork...its hard to remember your social security number and contact information when you're feeling the first oozing drips of precum leaking in your underwear.

"Just do this", you tell yourself...slowly pulling your attention to the task at hand and away from wanting to stroke with your hand.

Your erection seems to subside as you go through the clerical details...but as you start to describe your reason for the visit, you begin to feel intoxicated with sex, making your dick become enraged again.

"The Doctor will see you now", Debbie's voice startled you.

"Can I just use the bathroom first", wanting to take a moment to settle yourself and clean off the overflow of jizz in your pants.

"You can go after your session", she said forceful in the sweetest voice.

Being led down the long white hall, you felt as if you were actually descending into your own balls...swimming in the white light, as if it were the heavy shot of sperm currently splashing around inside your sack.

Debbie stopped at the large white door marked EXAMINING ROOM.

Pointing your way, as if to instruct you to push open the door, "Good luck...see you later."

And then Debbie's clicking heels moved their way back down the hall, away from you...leaving you standing before the door, almost afraid to go inside, to begin the process of controlling your masturbation obsession...suddenly feeling a great dread at the idea of surrendering your addiction and living a life without your daily indulgence to jerk off and make yourself cum.

"Therapy is bullshit anyway", you tell yourself.

Though you've already decided to abandon your attempt at recovery, you proceed into the examination room...feeling confident that you can make this a quick visit and get right back to doing what brings you the most pleasure, stroking your cock.


Bright Red.
The walls and her lips.
Her stiletto heels and the corset belt.
Your swelling cock and balls that ache from being contained.

"Please, come", Kristina said seductively.

"I'm sorry", you replied in questioning confusion, thinking she was telling you cum.

"Come sit down", she points her delicate manicured finger to the small stool placed in front of her, as she sits perched like a pin-up girl on the padded bubblegum pink examining table.

"Oh yes", you say nervously.

Your already growing cock makes it very difficult to focus!

Sitting down, you notice that the leaking precum has seeped through the fabric of your underwear and your pants, producing a large wet you place your hand over your lap in attempts to hide your sticky shame from the Doctor.

"I'll just need a moment to go over your information", she says while reading from a computer.

With her eyes diverted to the screen, you try to wipe the spot away.