EROTIC FICTION: DECADENT DOMINA- tranny Mistress turns her houseboy slave into a cum eating cockwhore

DECADENT DOMINA by tvkristina

From the first email you sent to Me, I knew you were desperate to release the submission that was restrained deep inside you.

You explained in great detail about your current need to explore your submissive side...because after having indulged in your youth, the taste of servitude was sweet and something that you had never forgotten, even though you had entered into a "vanilla" lifestyle and been denied the satisfaction of as the years passed and your sexuality stayed a secret, it still smoldered with need and desire, leaving you desperate to fan the flames and still maintain this ideal of a "real man".

But then I came along and changed all that...didn't I?!

It must have been fate...the perfect synchronicity of Me placing My personal advert on a fetish website, seeking a new servile houseboy...and your recent decision to stop containing the burning fire of submission inside you...because without that perfect coincidence, we would probably have never met and you would not have become My cockwhore servant.

Since My previous houseboy had to be let go...due to his unattractive habit of stealing My worn panties and dribbling his dickjuice all over My carpets as he was imperative that I find a new full-time slave that could do all the necessary cleaning, cooking, errands and sexual chores that are required to keep My world pretty and passionate...and though I knew that I would get tons of insincere replies from horny men and lots of undesirable losers, I was confident that I could weed through the masses and find a devoted, loyal, cleanly, adoring, accommodating, horny, obedient and respectable male servant to keep in My home.

For you, it was a life-long fantasy that was pressing itself to become a reality...and when you read My posting, you were so overcome with emotion that you felt compelled to respond...and not just because you were instantly rock hard reading My words, but also because the way I described the duties of My houseboy and the seduction in My phrasing, which sparked an instant inferno within your entire body, rendering you unable to fight the urge to submit...even with the knowledge that you were offering yourself up for 24/7 control, to become the plaything of an insatiable Mistress, you could not deny these desires any longer.

But it wasn't until you first heard My voice on the phone that you knew I was the woman that would strike down all your resistance and completely enslave you with My charm, sexuality, confidence and cunning...because the way I giggled at your frustration and the sensuality of My sexual needs, you felt immediate submission and begged for the chance to serve Me.

When you arrived, your pulse was racing and your hands were shaking with anticipation of meeting your new Goddess.

Following the instructions I had given you, all clothing was stripped outside My apartment door and you crawled inside to humbly offer yourself for inspection...desperately awaiting permission to raise your bowed head and gaze upon Me for the first time.

"Look at Me" I purred sweetly, knowing that you would be My property the moment our eyes met.

Scanning your vision over My body as your eyes rose up to meet My gaze...feet, legs, tummy, tits, lips, gasped in quivering lust when you saw how stunning and sexy I was in person...sitting pretty before you, I looked regal and alluring in nothing more than My bra, panties, heels and a fur you knew right away that I was a truly a DECADENT DOMINA!!!