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I'm always looking for new ways to humiliate and emasculate My whores...and making them eat their own cum is the best!!!

It can be as simple as blast it in your hand and gobble it all down...or shoot it into a glass and drink every drop...but I'm always excited when I come up with a new way to incorporate this ego-abusing act upon My weak and willing wankers.

And with this assignment, we will be taking your cum consumption to another level...where its not just happening at the moment of ejection, but even in those moments after (and even long after) you've had the orgasm...because I'm going to make you squirt your spunk into an icetray to savor your flavor whenever you're having a nice cold drink.

The first thing you must do is prepare what you'll need to make your CUM CUBES!!!

Of course, you'll start off by filling an icetray with water...and then put it in the freezer for a few minutes to allow the edges of the cubes to slightly crystalize, so when your hot cum shoots into the cold water it will not float to the bottom immediately.

Its also important for you to figure out where you will place the tray, so you can properly inject your jizz into the cubes.

It can't be too high (such as a kitchen counter) or too low (like all the way down on the floor) and you can't hold it (because of you're jerking) you need to select a spot that gives you some room to shoot, but is close enough to catch it all.

I suggest placing it on the seat of a (non-clothe-covered) chair and stroking right over the the tray!!!

While the icetray is in the freezer, this is the perfect time for you to preapre yourself.

This is all about making you feel like a cum guzzling whore and is meant as an act to strip away your manhood.

So I think its a wonderful idea to wear something sissifying or humiliating...perhaps some girly pink panties or stockings and high heels (as I did when I blasted an icetray with My sperm, for My lover to use in his drinks)...just find something that makes you feel like a totally submissive slut when you shoot your spooge.

Now that you've got the ice cubes chilling and you're sissified, its time to squirt!!!

As you play with your dickie, I want you think about how much I love knowing that this assignment will require you to drink cum on a regular basis for Me, even when you're not a horny dripping whore...because its all about submission and suffering for My sexual pleasure...becoming a total cum rag for Kristina.

When you are ready to blast your bitchboy butter, be sure to point toward the tray...but not straight down (or it won't distribute properly into several cubes) and don't aim straight outward (or you will overshoot the shot as I did with My first blast)...we want to ensure that as much of your cum gets into the ice water as possible.

After you've squirted out every drop, quickly take the icetray to the freezer to make your cum cubes!!!

Hours later, you can have your first sip of sperm when you drop a cube (or two) into your drink...even though you're no longer in that moment of "ejaculation confusion", you must gulp down the globs of goo that melt into your beverage.

This process will be repeated every time you want to add something "cool" to your drink...filling your glass with the humiliation of being a cum eating slave for Me and drinking it down happily!!!