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Since I'm most definitely the reason you cum so hard lately, I naturally would feel some kind of ownership and control over that amazing orgasm...even if I decide I want to take it away from you or make you work really hard to earn the privilege of squirting for Me.

So this assignment is all about My power of your purging...making it into a game of slaps and suffering, enduring My abuse to get to your orgasm...but this gamble could be one that leaves you too weak to wank your willy or might even leave you with NO ORGASM AT's all part of the fun....for ME.

Just follow the steps below and watch My instructional video for My gorgeous guidance!!!

This rules are very simple...if you want to have an orgasm, you must endure ONE HOUR of playing the game to earn that cumshot...which means you will NOT squirt, if you can't go the entire matter how much you've already suffered.

The only two things you will need are...something to beat your balls with (i.e.- a riding crop, a shoe, a ruler) and dice (two if you've been a very bad boy and need to "up your game")...I've uploaded an APP to My iPhone that has dice which you can roll by shaking your I can bust your balls anywhere I go.

You will be rolling to find out three key moves...which will be dictated by the fate of the dice.

HOW MANY ROUNDS OF PUNISHMENT- your first roll will tell us how many ROUNDS OF SLAPS you will have to suffer to move on to if you roll a "3", you will have to roll the dice THREE TIMES for each number of slaps needed...and you must fulfill the required amount or you can not proceed in the game any further.

HOW MANY SLAPS TO YOUR SACK- once you know the number of "rounds" you must find out how many slaps for each round, by rolling the dice again...round one might be "6" slaps and round two you roll a "4", and round three only "1" slap...every round is unknown until you take the gamble and roll.

HOW LONG YOU CAN MASTURBATE- between each round of slaps, I will allow you to masturbate...and this too will be decided by a roll of the minute for every little black dot, so if you roll a "6" you've got SIX MINUTES of stroking...and if you're unfortunate enough to get a "1", then you've only got ONE MINUTE before you go into your next round of slaps...before you can have a masturbation break again.

As you roll (and slap and stroke) the time will pass and you will earn your orgasm after ONE HOUR of playing the game...back and forth between slapping and stroking...until you have suffered for an entire hour!!!

And only after that time will you be permitted to have an orgasm.

If you can't take the pressure, then you must forfeit, and sacrifice cumming.

Round after round...feeling My control and My cruelty...knowing that your pain is My pleasure and that nothing makes your Mistress happier than playing games with you...proving that you are just a toy for My sadistic sexual enjoyment.

Watch this clip to get My gorgeous gambling guidance!!!