TVKRISTINA.COM submit and stroke to the hottest T-Mistress online

My voice is like a siren song...calling you to crash on the rocks of My control...and keeping you transfixed on My sexual training!!!

I've found that just the tone of My voice makes men very weak...and even more My audio recordings get deep into your mind and alter your sexuality, while pushing you to new places of servitude and submission.

NAME: On Your Belly
TIME: 3.15

How low can you go to show your devotion and submission to My sex?
I want you looking up at Me and begging to kiss your way upward.

NAME: Sexy Surprise
TIME: 14.02

Can you handle a girl with a secret?
Some girls get your cock so hard, you find yourself doing things you never thought you would before you met.

NAME: Joys of Cucking
TIME: 7.00

All men to Me are sexual servants.
So when I have a sexy studtoy to use and a loser bitchboy to abuse for My pleasure, I'm in absolute heaven!

NAME: Domination Liberation
TIME: 9.17

There are many men who can only feel "free" when they're serving a dominating woman and completely submitting to her sexuality.

NAME: Princess Pet
TIME: 8.05

I like to keep My bitchboys on a very short leash...ensuring they are always desperately horny and ready to do anything for My sexual pleasure.

NAME: Panty Problems
TIME: 8.55

I love wearing skimpy little thong panties, but it seems like I can't keep them on for very long and My drippy shecock makes them super messy.

NAME: Ready for Worship
TIME: 6.39

Even when I'm going to a formal event, I make sure that I'm always wearing something that keeps Me ready for a slave's adoring worship.

NAME: Flogging Fun
TIME: 3.25

There are times when I need a sub that can really take a good beating, because I love to swing a flogger in My hands and bring it down hard!

NAME: Caged for Kristina
TIME: 6.34

Imagine the night that I locked your cock away in a chastity cage so that I could have complete control of your cum and make you beg to get hard!

NAME: Kristina's Ashtray
TIME: 4.51

I wonder what is it about being enveloped in a cloud of smoke as I flick My ash into your mouth that makes you feel so very alive?

NAME: Latex-a-licious
TIME: 7.00

I have the perfect body to wear latex, because it clings to My curves and makes My shecock wet and drippy for My slaves to lick clean.

NAME: Under My Desk
TIME: 3.44

I have so many men that want to serve Me, so I often have them around Me while I work...waiting for Me to take a break for abuse.

NAME: Sexy Stroking
TIME: 4.41

When I slip into sexy lingerie I get instantly hard...and when I see how amazing My body looks in sheer lace, all I can do is stroke My shecock!

NAME: All About Body
TIME: 7.47

Even though I have a massive collection of fetishwear and lingerie, I still love showing off My body most in a bikini.

NAME: Domination Equipment
TIME: 7.52

A Mistress needs more than a dungeon of sextoys to truly dominate a man, and I have exactly what it takes to get inside a slave.

NAME: Teenie Bikini
TIME: 3.39

If you have a body like Me, you've got to show-off..and there's no better way to let the boys see every inch of Me than in a bikini that barely covers.

NAME: Hard Workout
TIME: 6.44

Working out to get My hot body toned and tight for My slaves to worship always makes My shecock raging hard and ready to shoot cum.

NAME: Bad Ass Bitch
TIME: 7.14

As the Queen of cruelty, I am alluringly feminine and sweet...but I am a powerful Princess that truly embodies fetish and domination.

NAME: Summer Seduction
TIME: 7.00

The best part about summertime is the fact that every day a girl can wear as little as she likes, to ensure she gets all the boy's attention.

NAME: My Bubble Butt
TIME: 6.30

I love being naked in the bath and having a slave there to tease with My sensuous body and let him worship My amazing perky round ass.

NAME: Pampering Princess
TIME: 5.20

Though I'm not a "Money Mistress" exactly, I do need My slaves to fund My life of privilege and you'll have to work hard to spoil Me.

NAME: Feel My Crop
TIME: 3.48

When a man sees a Mistress with a riding crop in Her hands, he knows She means to control him and She's ready to punish him for his failures.

NAME: Cuffed for Kristina
TIME: 3.00

Whenever I have My "big boys" over to tease and torment, I find its best to ensure they have no power during a face-raping with a pair of handcuffs.

NAME: Laughing at You
TIME: 4.04

For those "loser" slaves at the bottom of My list, they know that My sweet mocking ridicule is the best thing that they can ever get from Me!